Operation Evergreen

Wheeler Farms is participating in Operation Evergreen again this year. Three hundred Christmas Trees throughout the state of Ohio will be shipped to military bases in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Collection sites are needed to collect non-breakable Christmas ornaments, banners, Christmas cards and personal notes that will be sent along with the trees. Over the past few years, donations have been fewer for various reasons. Our hope is to reverse that trend. Current collection sites are The Andersons stores, Anthony Wayne Schools, The Butterfly House, Maumee Schools & St. Joe’s Maumee Catholic Elementary School. Girls Scouts from Anthony Wayne, St. Joe’s Maumee and Lial will be sorting and packaging donated items at The Whitehouse Christmas Tree Farm on November 4th. Visit wspd.com for a complete list of donation stations. We would like to thank WSPD for their continued support of military families. Contact Duke for more information at dw2360@aol.com.
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